Askari Bank is Allowing its Customers to Shop Online with I-Net Banking Service

Askari Bank is now all about card-less services specifically aimed to let you do online shopping. With you registered at with I-Net banking, you can easily shop through various merchants’  website online.

KEENU NetConnect is a new and revolutionized concept introduced in Pakistan which does not use cards to make the payment. Instead you from your bank account for any purchase you make online. You can connect with the merchant directly and make the respective payment.

Askari bank has made sure that through I-Net Banking service, the customers are engaged with their accounts so that they can make payment being anywhere.

What Are The Merchant That Accept Netconnect Payments?

Below is the list of merchants’ websites that are connected with KEENU. Please note that the list is an updated one. If there are any additions, they will be communicated at the Askari Bank’s updated list.

Who Are The Users?

The users of I-Net Banking service can use this service.

The Transaction Process

  1. Firstly, open your browser
  2. Go to the web’s URL of your desired merchant
  3. Once your product is selected, go to check out page
  4. Select the method of NetConnect from the cart of your desired merchant
  5. Choose the bank that you have the account in
  6. You will be brought to login I-Net Login
  7. Select the account to make payment from and enter your pin
  8. Once the payment is made, you will be sent a SMS / Email notification against your purchase

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