Peekaboo Guru – Keep Track of All Bank Cards’ Discounts Through This App!

Peekaboo! Well, this peek is not for you! I know you are used to surprises. ‘Peekaboo’ is the reason I am writing this post. It’s actually an app for helping the distressed. Not really the distressed, but the searchers, the pathfinders who are looking for places, dine-ins, discounts. Peekaboo provides you access to numerous areas, about their location and updates about things.

The banking sector has got a leverage, a helping hand to let the customers discover their favorite yet adorned discount through a single app. Are you thinking what I am thinking? How would I know. Anyways, the app is a phenomenal place to keep track of discounts on all your bank cards.

To know what discount, which bank is offering on which card is a hassle. Who’d want to open up specific bank websites to know what food discounts – (KFC Discount on Credit Card) they are offering on cards? Their official post on Facebook Page mentions that they’d provide updated information to the customers about discounts from every bank.

So remain updated with the news from every bank via this phenomenal app by downloading it.


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