Tameer Microfinance Bank’s New Scheme For Socio-Economic Growth

Recently, Microfinance Tameer Bank has collaborated with government of Punjab to help farmers via unique and significant scheme which will be helpful for the farmers across Punjab. The worth of this collaboration is said to be more than 2 billion for around 35,000 farmers. The main ideology and objective behind this step is to take agriculture level (in terms of growth) of Pakistan to the next level. The overall yield of the crops needs to be amplified for better efficiency.

In this particular collaboration, Tameer Microfinance Bank will provide farmers with digital disbursements and loans. Moreover, the repayment to farmers throughout Punjab will be also Tameer Microfinance Bank’s responsibility.

This is expected to be a very important step as the loans will be free from any interest. In addition to that a proper digital platform will be set-up in order to empower the farmers. Performance assessment and real time monitoring will also be included in the scheme. This will be significant for farmers definitely.

In order to make it easier for farmers to access digital services, farmers will be provided with the smart-phones by the Punjab Government. This way, farmers will be able to use and access features likes crop calendar, digital wallet, Agri TV and weather alerts etc. Doesn’t it all seem quite interesting?


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