Life Plus Savings Account Is Great Initiative By Faysal Bank

Faysal Bank is among the reliable and reputed banks of Pakistan. Faysal Bank has always kept customers first while introducing multiple schemes and promotions. This time again Faysal Bank has kept focus on senior citizens of Pakistan, and has launched Life Plus Saving Account.

What’s Faysal Bank’s Life Plus Saving Account Is All About?

The Life Plus Savings Account from Faysal Bank is actually designed for customers who are 55 and plus in age. Clients who fall under this age frame will be provided with the assistance of financial matters. This scheme offers greater returns as well as security for the target market.

Perks of Life Plus Saving Account:

From a senior individual’s angle there are quite a few perks associated with Faysal Bank’s Life Plus Saving Account which include:

  • Free debit card
  • Free cheque book
  • Profit rates up to 5.25%
  • Free accidental death insurance
  • and other facilities too.

This is a great initiative by Faysal Bank as senior citizens need assistance in their banking activities. There are high chances that this scheme will be readily accepted and liked by the customers. From now on, individuals who are aged 55 and plus will be able to get better financial assistance.


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