State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) To Issue Rs. 10 Coin

It is announced today that State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) will issue a Rs. 10 coin today. This news is officially approved by Federal Government.

According to the provided details of Rs. 10 coin, it will be yellow colored, with rounded serrations. As far as the weight and diameter of the coin is concerned, it is 5.50 grams and 25.5 mm (respectively).

The coin features a five-pointed star facing North-West and waxing crescent moon on the front face. Plus, on the edges “Islami Jamhuriya Pakistan” is inscribed in Urdu language.

After flipping the coin, one can witness the famous Faisal Mosque and Doves.  The value of the coin is also written on the lower side of the coin. Moreover, there is a tweet shared by Mr. Danyal Gilani (GM Public Affairs / Official Spokesperson PIA) share as follow:


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