Abbas D. Habib – The New Chairman for Bank Al Habib!

Bank Al Habib’s new acting chairman is now Senior Banker Abbas D. Habib. Previously the CEO of the same bank, he vacated the previous post to get this new one.

The approval for him to become the chairman was done by State bank of Pakistan (SBP) as forwarded by the Board of Directors of the bank. Mr. Abbas will now look over to the policies and operations of the bank.

He started off in 1994 by becoming the Chief Executive and Managing Director of Bank Al Habib. His efforts proved worthy as he took the bank to a significant level of growth after a phase of break even. This time proved beneficial for him as it involved several strategies to implement and initiatives to draw for the betterment of the bank.

Mr. Abbas has a vast experience in the banking industry. He has served more than 40 years in various banking heads such as the commercial and industrial banking for both the local and international markets.

Not just this, Mr. Abbas has taken over senior positions in different organizations of the banking group. He received international banking experience while working as Regional Director in Habibsons Bank Limited where he was later promoted as Executive Director. When Bank Al Habib started the operations in Pakistan, he got entitled to Director and Joint Managing Director of it.

Now the acting CEO of Bank Al Habib in place of Abbas D. Habib is Mansoor Ali Khan, who is reported to join the office from November 1st, 2016. This position, as reported by Bank Al Habib has been given by promoting Mr. Mansoor for it.

Bank Al Habib initiated its setup in October 1991 and commenced the operations in June 1992.


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