UBL Funds – The First Movers In Banking Sector

UBL Funds is considered as the most inspiring AMC of Pakistan. UBL Funds has always known as the first mover in the financial industry. Right from the Phone Banking to the Cyber Security Champions, UBL has come a long way. The kind of repute and position which UBL enjoys in the banking sector is worth appreciating. Recently, UBL Funds organized a bloggers meet-up to share some amazing achievements along with highlighting the importance of Cyber Security. The event was moderated by Raheel Nabi (Digital & Communication Manager Marketing“ UBL Funds) and Rehan Qadri (Chief Information Officer- UBL Funds). Following pointers were discussed in the event.

MAP Excellence Award:

UBL Funds managers earned the MAP Excellence Award in the financial sector. For the past two years UBL Funds Managers is winning this award. This is quite an achievement.

UBL Going Paperless:

It is significant for an organization to Go Green. After all, saving nature (trees) is something to look forward to. Environmental friendly businesses are always admired by all. UBL Funds Managers launched its Digital Annual Report which is available at Annual Report Smart Savings. This is quite impressive for any bank to go paperless and UBL has nailed it with expertise.

Moving To Paperless Transactions:

According to Rehan Qadri, it was not easy to move from traditional transaction practices to digital or paperless transaction. In the first year, 2013 there was a 0 % change, but in 2014 the figure raised to 21%, following 56% in 2015 and 66% in 2016. With gradual improvement and consistency, now UBL Funds Managers has a achieved a great percentage of digital transactions. By digital transaction we mean carrying out transactions through phone, mobile app, ATM machines and other digital devices.

Cyber Security Champion Award By US

UBL Funds Managers won the title of Cyber Security Champion by Cyber Security Alliance United States. According to Qadri, 55% of data losses are because of employees mistakes. Accounts are compromised mostly because of the careless mistakes committed by banks staff. He mentioned that there are a few ways to stay away from cyber crime i.e. Fishing and 2 way authentication.

Strong Social Media Presence:

UBL and UBL Funds have strong presence over social media, covering Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. Not many banks in Pakistan are this much social media friendly but UBL is leading on the social media front.

UBL Funds Plans

UBL Funds offers multiple planning to their customers including:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Hajj Planning
  • Wealth Building
  • Equity Building
  • Planning for your children

Following are a few tweets which were shared from different accounts related to the meet-up.



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