BankIslami Partner’s with Ria Money Transfer for Remittance Services

Good news for offshore residents of Pakistan. Now you can easily send money to your friends and family in Pakistan through your one and only bank BankIslami Pakistan Limited. It is true. The bank has collaborated with Ria Money Transfer to start up transfer paying services across all branches of BankIslami in the country.

There are 317 branches in 93 cities of Pakistan and this service will be provided in all the branches. Customers residing in different parts of the world will now be able to send money to their friends, relatives and famiy anywhere in Pakistan where there is this banks branch. Plus, there will not be any inconvenience since the cash can be collected simply in minutes with the extra-fast service.

The best thing is that you do not have to have an account to withdraw the money. The transaction will take place on the basis of a pin provided by the sender. Not just this, account holders will have a greater leverage. They can directly get funds in their account by senders.

The CEO of BankIslami, Hasan A. Bilgrami said,

Through this partnership, BankIslami will provide beneficiaries of Ria with easy collection of remittances from our 317 branches nationwide. We welcome Ria on board.

While the CEO and President of Ria Money Transfer, Mr. Juan Bianchi responded, Ria is pleased to welcome BankIslami as our newest partner in Pakistan. Ria strives to provide fast, secure and affordable money transfer services for customers to send money home to their loved ones. With BankIslami, were able to serve more people looking for a convenient and reliable remittance service.

The bank is the first one to partner with this company. Being a reliable, secured and convenient source, customers will rely more and more on this to transfer money to their loved ones.


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