Allied Bank Collaborates with LLC for Home Remittance

Allied Bank has collaborated with LLC and this is a great news for all those who are seeking to transfer money from anywhere in the world, just anywhere!

The bank’s home remittance division comes under the brand name “Allied Express”, which is specifically made for remittal services to allow people to send and collect money from anywhere from the ABL network.

With the collaboration with LLC, the state-of-the-art Allied Express service will easily accept remittance sent through LLC to be collected anywhere in more than 1080 branches located across the country. Not just this, direct transfer to user’s account with ABL or any other bank will also be possible through the same service.

The partnership on one hand will help the customers with easy of transferring of money and also cater to boost the country’s economy on the other, allowing businesses to flourish as they send more and more money from different countries.

This service is active since the start of November, 2016 and going smoothly. It is being utilized by customers on one end and the bank is working to make sure that money transferred and collected instantly by people and businesses instantly.

LLC operates from United Kingdom, being a member of Small World Group, is a payments operator serving internationally to offer fast, convenient and safe of sending and receiving amounts anywhere worldwide with its super-large network of 250,000 sites located in different parts of the world.

Allied Bank Limited is an amazing bank serving the needs of its customers. Its ABL Home Remittance Division makes sure that the needs of the senders and receivers of money are completely focused so that they hassle-free transfer could be possible. The bank is upgrading its systems of payment and increasing the branching network to serve the nation as per their expectations.


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