Askari Bank Now Allowing Card-less Cash Withdrawing from ATMs

Following BankIslami, Askari Bank becomes the second bank to offer card less banking services to its customers. But like the former bank involves finger print for cash withdrawal, the latter incorporates Card less withdrawing option at the ATM. Now you can do a card less cash withdrawal from your personal account. This transaction can be done from an ATM machine without having any card.

The facility is initiated through the bank’s mobile app on Android and IOS, even windows app – the bank’s lite banking. Once initiated through the app, the customer can go to the bank’s ATM and withdraw mentioned amount.

With Debit Cards comes the issues of handling them. The foremost is the carrying of the card, as it is dangerous, can be misused if got in wrong hands. Then the issue of getting your card stuck comes next, which so happens if wrongly inserted. There are times people forget picking it back from the ATM.

With this facility in the swing, it is great because can be used anytime.

A Secure Way to Do Cash Transactions!

All the registered banking users of Askari Bank can avail this facility, who have VISA Debit Card as working. The screen flow of ATM is given to easily use it. Other than this, a 3-pin number is required, OTP and number of reference.

A maximum of 3 tries are given to pick up cash during a transaction phase for which a time is given on the reference number, to evade misuse. As far as the transaction limit is concerned, a maximum of Rs. 10,000 can be withdrawn, with a minimum of Rs. 500. This maximum transaction limit can be completed in a day in no more than 3 tries.

How to Use it?

The way to use it is as follows:

First: (Transaction Setup)

  • Open the app of the Bank – Askari Lite Mobile Bank
  • Log in from your login and password
  • Go to Cardless Withdrawal to continue the transaction
  • Enter amount, produce One Time Password and continue
  • Get the Reference Number on the phone through SMS to go to Askari Bank’s ATM for withdrawing cash

Second: (Cash Withdrawing at ATM of Askari Bank)

  • Go to any ATM of Askari Bank and press Cardless Cash Withdrawal option
  • Submit the information including:
    • Reference number
    • OTP
    • Amount
  • Pick the Cash

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