First 500 Tickets FREE with Alfa! Bank Alfalah’s New Campaign with Cinepax

In their recent promotional campaign to boost Bank Alfalah app – Alfa, the bank has initiated an offer to give First 500 Tickets Free.

This campaign is focused towards all those customers who use Alfa (Bank Alfalah Mobile Banking App). The transaction can be proceeded in such a way that first the customers will have to buy the movie ticket of any show, and make payment through their Alfalah’s account.

Then How will I Get the Free Ticket?

Customers will initially be charged for the ticket but the transaction shall be reversed in three working days. For confirming the customers, they will be sent a SMS after reversal of transaction.

How Many Tickets Can I Buy?

Each individual can buy a maximum of two tickets in the full campaign. All further tickets are non-refundable. The campaign will last till 31st December, 2016.

All the movie tickets that are bought from Alfa App can be collected from Cinepax.


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