NBP to Exceed 1500 Domestic Branches & ATMs by 2017

Another mission, another success. National Bank of Pakistan is all set to break another record. For the new financial year 2017, the bank has decided that it will have 1500 branches and ATMs in the country. NBP aims to follow this pitch for enhancing its engagement with the customers, sources said.

Currently, the bank has the widest banking network spread with 1409 branches in Pakistan and 25 branches outside the country. Its presence can be noted with this fact that nearly in all rural and suburb areas, National Bank of Pakistan has a presence, with franchises and branches located in mountainous terrains, deserts, villages and modern cities.

The backbone of the bank is definitely none other but its effort for the agricultural sector in the country, paving way for advancement and development through easy financing. Not just this, the bank has played an important role to elevate financial status of the local population through its various social and economic programs.

The sources said, “The Bank’s strategic alliances with Telecos with over 150,000 agents, over 1300 ATMs network and other technology driven delivery channels has given the Bank even a more wider access to its customer base”.

Coming to its domestic role, the bank has succeeded in opening over 65 new branches in different areas of the country. Answering well to its well-responded Islamic Banking network, NBP’s Aitemaad network grew to 118 branches from only 18 branches in 2013. And currently, the bank serves as the second largest Islamic Banking service provider.

The bank also mentioned that it has opened up several banking projects that are specifically aimed for the armed forces, located in the restricted cantonment areas. These areas have branches / ATMs targeting the local population. Here, the bank is offering supplementary ATM cards and different rates for ‘Advance Salary’ to the army members of Pakistan.

NBP also mentioned that the bank has ever stood with the country and armed forces, be it in natural disasters like earthquakes or floods or for stabilizing the country’s financial position, as part of its corporate social responsibility.


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