UBL Funds Awarded at APICTA – Asia Pacific ICT Alliance

United Bank Limited (UBL) Fund Managers Limited (UBL Funds), an asset management company, has been awarded for its ImPro Application by APICTA – Asia Pacific ICT Alliance, serving under head of Financial Industry Application.

The press release released by the bank on Tuesday stated that UBL funds overcome the monetary institutions of China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore to win the silver award given at the Asia-Pacific ICT Awards 2016, hinted as the `Oscars of the ICT arena’, took place in Taipei, Taiwan.

The Asia-Pacific ICT Awards 2016 recognized setups from 17 different categories and regions. In the mesmeric event, as much as 60 judges were present to finalize the winners from 238 teams in the categories of technology, innovation, capability and adoption.

The favorable event was gracefully attended by the President of Republic of China – Taiwan.

Mr. Rehan Qadri, the founder of application and Chief Technology officer of UBL Funds said, “ImPro enables the organization to reduce the five days processing time to two days which improves the operational efficiency and significantly cuts down transaction costs.

UBL Funds has always emphasized on innovation with world class services. Being the pioneer of such application in the asset management industry not just gives us the confidence to provide more for our customers but position us as a market leader in modernization”.

UBL funds has always accentuated on development with superior services. Being the innovator of this application in asset management not just boosts the confidence of its customers but also marks it the leader in upgrading of technology.

Mr. Qadri further stated, “We are pleased to be recognized by APICTA and with this recognition we ensure to offer more unique services for the convenience of our investors. UBL funds believe in providing best investment opportunities to the masses with least complex procedures”

He was awarded a silver award representing his organization in the auspicious event.


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