Bank Alfalah, Easypaisa Enter Strategic Alliance

Bank Alfalah has done another collaboration, a striking deal with the pioneers of digital payments – Easypaisa for bringing the banking services to the non-banking customers.

The agreement also involves combined efforts by both business giants to enhance and reinforce digital payments in Pakistan.

And it’s true. Bank Alfalah and Easypaisa are one of their kind, reflecting the true name of digital technology in the banking sector. This can be well rehearsed by their different ecosystems for digital heads involving products and services so that these banking services could be endorsed for enhanced affluence and use of their corresponding customer setup.

The cutting-edge technology used by the bank for increasing its digital banking products and services and pervasive presence of Easypaisa across the country will help every potential customer of the banking setup anywhere, everywhere.

This collaboration has taken place to endorse financial inclusion in the country as well as provision for all G2P inventiveness, OTC and wallet dealings in Pakistan.

Talking about this collaboration, Head of Easypaisa, Muhammad Yahya stated, “Easypaisa and Bank Alfalah have a shared vision of promoting financial inclusion in the country. Easypaisa believes in interoperability for the convenience of all customers and this deal is testimony to our belief that branchless and branch banking services compliment each other through product sets, use of Biometric technology and distribution footprint. Shifting all the economic activity onto banking services will go great lengths in fostering the country’s economy as well as reaching out to the unbanked segments of Pakistan. Bank Alfalah and Easypaisa will now jointly struggle to promote digitization in the country to induce efficiency, convenience and access to finance.”

Bank Alfalah’s personnel said, “We are glad to join forces with the country’s first and largest branchless banking service Easypaisa to expedite financial inclusion in Pakistan. The mutual cooperation will strengthen digital payments’ system in the country including the G2P payments ushering in an era of ease and convenience. The mutual cooperation is a great initiative where both the institutions will share knowledge, technology and expertise to foster financial inclusion and digitization in Pakistan.”


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